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Difference in the ummah is a mercy, but not a hadith

  • Status : NO SOURCE, but meaning correct

In order to reconcile people, the following hadith is often quoted :

‘The difference among my Ulama/ummah/sahaba is Rahmat (mercy)

This hadith has got no source and is interrupted in its chain of narrators.

Tabarani and Daylami have narrated this hadith in their musnad and in the chain, the narrator Jawaybir is extremely weak and Dahhak has not heard from Ibn Abbas. (Al-Maqsid al-Hasana p 26)

Zarkashi in his al-La’li al-Manthura fi al-Ahadith al-Mashhura writes that Nasr al-Din al-Maqdasi has narrated the hadith in his book Al-Hujjah reaching up to Nabi , but Zarkashi did not provide a chain for it. (Al-Maqsid al-Hasana p 26)

Zaynudin al-Iraqi writes that Adam ibn Abi Iyas narrates without the exact wording the narration which al-‘Iraqi classifies as a weak mursal. (Al-Maqasid al-Hasana p 26)

Imam Bayhaqi also narrates with the similar wording in his Risala al-Ash’ariya, but without a chain. (Al-Maqasid al-Hasana p 26)

In his book Al-Jami` Al-Saghir, Al-Suyuti could not identify a narrator reporting this Hadith with Isnad (a chain of narrations). Al-Munawy albeit writing an extensive commentary on it in, did not mention its origin.

See al-Asraar al-Marfoo’ah, 506; Tanzeeh al-Sharee’ah, 2/402; al-Silsilah al-Da’eefah, 11 for more details.

So as a hadith it cannot be quoted.
However, it can be quoted as a statement since the meaning is alright, as attested by the rightly guided Caliph Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (RA) who once said :

“It does not please me if the Companions of the Messenger of Allah did not disagree [on a particular issue], since if they all agreed on a matter and then a person did not act accordingly, he would be astray. Yet if they differed on a matter, and one person took the opinion of one [of the Companions] and someone else took the opinion of another [Companion], there would be leeway in the matter.”

A scholar once authored a work in difference of opinion, to which Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal (RA) responded, “Do not call it ‘The Book on Disagreement’, but rather call it ‘The Book of the Sunna.’”

This theme was explicitly articulated by many eminent and orthodox imams, both early and late, such as Imams Abu Hanifa, Malik, Khattabi, Nawawi, Ibn Qudama, Ibn Taymiyya, Shatibi and many, many others.

Fiqh doesn’t cause disputes. It’s the people with corrupted hearts and narrow minds which fuel disputes.

May Allah have Mercy on all our scholars.

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Rajab is Allah’s month, Sha’baan is My month…?

  • Status : FABRICATED

It is said the following is a hadeeth :

“Rajab is Allaah’s month, Shaban is My month and Ramadaan is the month of my Ummah.”

This “hadith” is a fabrication (mawdhu).

The Sanad (chain of narrators) includes 1) Abu Bakr ibn Al-Hasan Al-Naqqash, who is accused of fabrication, and 2) Al-Kissa’y who is unknown and his name was mentioned in “Al-La’ali’ fi Al-Mawdu`at”, a book about fabricated Hadiths.

Sources :

So it is not permissible to quote this report as a ‘hadith’, when you have these 3 giant scholars from different backgrounds agreeing on its spuriousness.

Lastly don’t hesitate to spread this post or to let me know of any famous fabricated hadith, jazakumullahu khayran.

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Fake hadith about hell that supposedly made our Prophet ﷺ cry !

  • Status : FABRICATED 

Concerning the report copy-pasted below :

First of all no source is ever given for this story, ie from which kitab this story comes from. In fact no primary ahadith book contains this narration, with the exception of Al-Samarqandi (rahimahullah)’s Tambeeh-ul-ghaafileen, which is well known for its da’eef (weak) and mawdhu (forged) narrations amongst the scholars.

Then the narrator mentioned, Yazid Al-Riqaashi, was severely criticised by many muhadditheen as matrook (left) or dha’eef (weak). And although this hadith contains some parts confirmed by other sahih narrations, the whole story simply cannot be attributed to the Holy Prophet .

Source :

Here is the entire sequence of the report copy-pasted (random version) :

Yazid Arrafichi reported on Anas Ibn Malek said the angel Jibril (Gabriel) came to Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) at a time when he did not usually come with an abnormal color.

Then the Prophet said: “So I see you are in a different color (Abnormal) what is it?”

Then Jibril said: “O Muhammad! I have come to you an hour which Allah (AWJ) has ordered the blowers of hell to blow the fire on hell! It has to be known clearly to the ones who know that hell (Jahannam) is indeed, that the fire is a truth, that the punishment in the grave is a truth and the punishment of Allah is immense, and that he is not satisfied and quiet because that is permitted only to him who is sure to avoid it!”

The Prophet: “O Jibril, decribe it to me.”

Jibril: “Yes, when Allah created Hell (Jahannam) He fired for 1000 years that it became flaming red. Then He fired for 1000 other years and it became smokey white! Then He fired another 1000 years and it became dark black! Jahannam is black and very dark and it is never extinguished, and likewise for its flames and balls of fire! And I swear by Him Who sent you with truth that: if a small opening of the size of a needle had been made a hell, then all people in this life would have been burned by the heat!And I swear by Him Who sent you with the truth that if the coat of clothes of the people of hell had been hung between heaven and earth then all the people of the earth would have succumbed to its odor and its Heat! And I swear by Him Who sent you with the truth that if a ring of chain which Allah has mentioned in his Quran was placed on a mountain then it would fade to the seventh earth (the deepest of the earth) And I swear by Him Who sent you with the truth that if a person was undergoing the punishment to the west, then person being at East would have been burned because of the greatness of the punishment! Its heat is very large and its bottom is very deep. It has seven doors, each door is divided: one part forwomen and another part for men!”

The prophet asks: “Are they similar to our doors?”

Jibril: “No, they are open and are one below the other! Between each door there is the equivalent of 70 years of walking and the heat of the door before the first is 70 times higher than the first and so on…. “

The Prophet: “Who dwells in these doors?”

Jibril: “The lowest contains the hypocrites, and people who did not believe the people of ‘elmaida’ (table served) and the people of Pharaoh and it is called ‘Haawiyah’. Haawiyah – chasm or abyss – because the one who is thrown into it is thrown from top to bottom.

The second contains the disbelievers ‘mochrikin’ and it’s called ‘jaheem’. Jaheem – fire – because of its blazing fire.

The third contains the sabiun and it’s called ‘Saqar’. Saqar – because of the intensity of its heat.the fourth contains Iblis (Satan) and those who followed and the majouss. It is called ‘Ladthaa’. Ladthaa – blazing fire – because of its flames.

The fifth contains the Jews and called ‘Hatamah’. Hatamah – broken pieces or debris – because it breaks and crushes everything that is thrown into it.

The sixth contains the Christians and it is called ‘Sa’eer’. Sa’eer – blazing flame – because it is kindled and ignited.

Then Jibril stopped talking out of respect for the prophet.

Then the Prophet (SAWS) said : “Can you tell me who the people of the seventh door are?”

Jibril replied: “It contains people from your community who have major sins (KABA) and died and did not repent ‘Tawba’!”

Then the Prophet fainted, Jibril put his head on his knee until he woke up.

When he awoke the Prophet said: “O Jibril, will people from my community enter hellfire?”

“Yes, those who have made major sins.”

Then the prophet wept and wept as did Jibril.

The prophet closed himself in his house and he only went out for the prayer and he spoke to no one! he wept in prayer and invoked


Abu Baker on the third day came knocking on the door of the Prophet and said :

“Assalamo alaykom ahla elbayt (people of the house), how is the prophet today? But nobody replied. Then he left in tears.

Then came Salman ELfarisi :

“Assalamo alaykom ahla elbayt and how is the prophet today? But nobody replied! So he left in tears (and he could not walk (he walked and stumbled/fell until he arrives at the door of the house of Fatima (the daughter of the Prophet) and said: “Assalamo alaykom daughter of the Prophet” and Ali was absent :

“O daughter of the prophet, the prophet is no onger seen amongst the people, he remains in his house, he only comes for prayer, not talking to anyone and does not allow anyone to enter his home.”

Fatima then rushed to the house of the prophet and she stopped at the front of the door of the Prophet, she says her Salaams and said: “O Prophet it
is me Fatima.” and the prophet was in a position sujood and crying. He
raised his head and said:

“How can it be an obstacle between me and my tender and sweet darling Fatima? Open the door to her!”

They opened the door and Fatima entered. When she saw the state of the prophet (His face was very pale, sadness and all tears he had shed had
made him much thinner) She began to cry and said: “O Prophet what happened to you?”

The Prophet then said: “O Fatima: Jibril came to me and he described the gates of hell, and he told me that in the upper door, there will people
in my community who have done great sin (ka baer) and

that is what made me cry and made me sad.”

Fatima : “how do they go into hell? “

The Prophet : “The angels lead them to hell, they will not have

blackened faces, they will not have blue eyes, they will not have their mouth closed, they will not be with the devils nor are they wearing necklaces
of hellfire”

Fatima : “how do the angels lead them?”

The Prophet : “The men by their beards. And women through the ‘thawaeb’ and ‘Nawas’ Indeed, many old men in my community die and say, while being
led to hell ‘Oh my elderness, oh my weakness!’ And how many will die
young and go while being led to hell ‘Oh my youth, oh my beauty!’ And
how many women die in my community and say, while being led to hell ‘Oh!
What a horrible discovery, do not reveal my sins!’.

Until they reach Malik! So when Malik looks at them, he say to the angels: “Who are these people? My people have never entered in a state like theirs (their faces are not darkened, their eyes are are not blue, their mouths are not closed!!)”

So the angels say: “This is how we were ordered to deliever them to you.”

Malik then asks these people : “Who are you, o miserables?”

And in another hadith it is said that when taking these people to Hell, they said “Oh Mohamad oh Mohamad!” But when they saw Malik they have forgotten the name Muhamad (SAWS) to the sublime grandeur of Malik then he said “Who are you? “

They say “We are the people on whom the Qur’an descended (Muslims). And we are among those who were fasting in month of Ramadan!”

Malik then said, “The Qu’ran was descended on the community of Muhamad (SAWS)! So when they hear the name of Mohamed they shouted “We are among
the community of Muhamad (SAWS)!”

Malik then said : “Was there not in the Qu’ran which saved you against the sins?? “

So when they take on the banks of hell and they will see the

fire and ‘Zabaniya’.

They will say “Oh Malik allows us to cry over our state” Then Malek

gives permission. They shed tears until they didn’t have any left so they started to cry blood!

Malik then says : “Those tears would have been welcomed in your passage in dunya (the world)! If you had mourned for fear of Allah in the world, the fire would not touch you now!”

Then Malik said to ZABANIYA : “Throw them into the fire!”

When they were thrown in the fire they all cried “la ilaha illa allah!” Then the fire threw them back out!

Malik tells the Fire : “Take them!”

Hellfire says : “How to take them, when they say ‘la ilaha illa allah?”

Malik: “Yes that is what our Lord has ordered” so the fire took! Some them by their feet, another by the legs, the other by their throat! Until it reaches the face.

Malik then told the fire : “Do not burn their faces, as it has done sujood

for Allaah ar-Rahman in their life! And do not burn their hearts because they were often thirst during Ramadan. They would remain a very long time and will say : “Ya Rahman, Ya Raheem, Ya hannan, Ya mannan!” And so we apply the order of Allah (AWJ).

Allah will ask Jibril : “What did we do the community of Muhamad (SAWS)?”

Jibril says :” Oh, Allah you know best about of their condition.”

Then Allah (AWJ) will say : “Go and see their state.”

Then Jibril (as) went to meet Malik who was sitting on a chair of fire in the middle of hell. When he sees Jibril (as), Malik will rise out of respect for him, and he says : “O Jibril, why did you come to this place? “

Jibril : “What have you done to the people, the people who committed sins in the community of Muhamad (SAWS)?”

Malik : “What a bad and sad situation they are in and as their location is small and tight on them, their bodies are burned and their flesh are
destroyed by fire, there remain only their faces and their hearts

‘The iman’ (faith) that shines!”

Jibril : “Show them to me.” Then Malik ordered the guards of hell to show them.

When people looked at Jibril and saw his beauty, they knew that he was not a part of the Angels of fire.

From hell (the punishment) they will say :

“Who is this creature! We had never seen such beauty.”

Malik then says : “This is Jibril, the angel who came down with the ‘wahy’ on Prophet Muhamad (SAWS).”

So when they hear the name Mohamad they all cried : “Oh Jibril passe our Salam to Muhamad (SAWS) and tell him that our sins are shared between us and you. And speak to him about our state!”

Jibril then leaves until he gets between the two hands of his Lord. So Allah (AWJ) will say : “In what state did you find the Community of Muhamad?”

Jibril answered : “O my Lord they are in a bad state! and in a very difficult one!”

Allah (AWJ) says : ” Did they ask you something?”

He will say : “O my Lord yes. They asked me to pass on their Salaams to the Prophet (SAWS) and tell him about their bad condition!”

Allah (AWJ) says : “Go and tell him.”

Jibril will go to see the Prophet (SAWS) who will be in a tent ‘Dorra’ white that has 4000 doors. Each door is composed of two gold parts.

Jibril says : “O Muhammad I came to you from the group of sinners of your community who suffers the tortures of the fire!They told me to pass
their Salaam and tell you that their condition is very bad and they

suffer tremendously!”

The Prophet (SAWS) will go until he reaches below the throne of his Lord. He prostates infront of the Creator, to praise and glorify Him and
did so in a manner nobody could ever do.

Allah (AWJ) said : “Lift up your head and whatever you ask I will give you. And intercede in favor of whoever you want, I would accept it!”

The Prophet (SAWS) : “O my Lord the miserables of my community ; your judgments are applied against them and you have avenged of them. Allow me to intercede on their behalf “

Allah will say : “I will allow the intercession for them. Go to hell and bring out those who say ‘la ilaha illa Allah’.”

The prophet will leave in search of the people. When Malik sees the Prophet (SAWS), he will stand up out of respect for

the Prophet (SAWS) then he will say : “O Malik how is my community (ie the miserables)?”

Malik says: “Their condition is critical!”

Then the Prophet (SAWS) says : “Show me!”

When people of hell see Muhamad (SAWS) they all cry : “O Muhamad! Our skin is burned and the fire burned our guts!”

Then he will take them out and they would have become in the meantime coal (black and burned).

He will leave with them to a river to the gate of Paradise called the river of vivacity (state of being vivacious), they swim and emerge rejuvenated and very fine without any ‘flaws’. Their faces are like the full moon.

It will be written on their foreheads ‘the people of Hell’. Allaah Ar-Rahman has freed from the fire, and they will enter Paradise.

And when the people of Hell will see that Muslims come out of Hell, they would regret to not have been a Muslim. They will say : “Too bad if we
were Muslims in the world below, we would have left Hell today!”

Do not hesitate to leave a comment, spread this post or let me know of any famous fabricated hadith, Jazakumullahu khayran.

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“70,000 Veils” lifted between Allah and us while breaking the fast?

  • Status: NO SOURCE

Here is the entire sequence of the report copy-pasted :

Once Moosa (Moses) (alayhis salam) asked Allah Ta’ala: O Allah ! you have granted me the honor and privilege of talking to you directly, Have you given this privilege to any other person? Allah Taala replied, O Moosa during the last period I am going to send an ummat, who will be the Ummat of Mohammed [saws] with dry lips, parched tongues, emaciated body with eyes sunken deep into their sockets, with livers dry and stomachs suffering the pangs of hunger- will call out to me (in dua) they will be much much closer to me than you O Moosa! While you speak to me there are 70,000 veils between you and me but at the time of iftaar there will not be a single veil between me and the fasting Ummati of Mohammed [saws]

1) It is not found in any of the books of senior Muḥadditithins, rather it was narrated except in a few unreliable books (filled with false, fabricated reports, stories and myths, such as Nuzhah al-Majālis wa Muntakhab al-Nafaa’is wherein no sanad or source is given).

2) In the matn (content) of the hadeeth there is something which indicates that it is munkar (unsound), which is the words “I will be closer to one of them than you” – referring to Moosa (as). It is well known in Muslim belief that the Messengers and Prophets are better than all other humans, and Moosa is one of the Messengers of strong will, so how can Allah be closer to His slaves than to His Prophet Moosa (AS), of whom He said : “And We called him from the right side of the Mount, and made him draw near to Us for a talk with him” [Maryam 19:52]? And Ibn ‘Abbas [Radhiyallahu ‘anhum] said: He drew so close that he heard the scratching of the Pen (ie writing the Tawrah). Tafsir Ibn Kathir (5/237).

Note: The fasting person’s du’a being accepted is also reported in other reliable Hadiths of Rasulullah (sallallahu’alayhi wasallam)

To sum up: the “hadith” mentioned is not in any of the reliable books, so it is not permissible to attribute it the Messenger of Allah or to believe what it says.

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