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“Dua Jameelah” on 15 Ramadhan


Random version of the report copy-pasted :

It is stated that one day while the Beloved Prophet Muhammed was sitting in the mosque of Al Madinah, Hazrat Jibrael came and said that ‘The Almighty Allah quoth Salaam and saith that the Dua-E-Jameelah is being sent for thine Followers’, the Beloved Prophet Muhammed asked ‘How much is the credit for it?’ Hazrat Jibrael said ‘Whosoever recites it or keep it with him, his sins, may it be like the foams of river or like the sand of the desert or equal to leaves of trees, shall be forgiven and at the time of death the pains shall be eliminated by the Palm of the Almighty. And an Angel would protect him in the grave till the Dooms day. And the One who recites it at the time of breaking the fast on the 15th Ramadan and he does not know how to recite but keeps it in his hand and recites (with ablution) Darood Sharif 11 times, gets boundless Credits and the Almighty Allah will fulfill whatever his need be. If recited once in a life time, On Dooms Day, one will cross Pur Sirat without diffuculty and enter Paradise. Then Hazrat Jibrael Said ‘ Oh Muhammed saw warn your followers against the Fire of Hell. If I state the full greatness of this prayer, masses shall give up all prayers and observance of fast, It is sufficient to say that whosoever recites this prayer or keeps it with him will be safe from every magic, get enemies befriended. And whosoever recites it or keeps it with him, his face on Dooms day will be bright like the moon; and the atonement of missing the prayers will be forgiven; and while in Journey will not feel lazy in saying the prayers; and when he shall rise from his grave on Dooms day people will say ‘which messenger of God is he?, then the Almighty Allah will reply ‘He is not a messenger but one who recited Dua-E-Jameelah with earnestness, that is why this gift and survey is for him. And Allah, the Most Merciful shall grant him the entry into Heaven on the Day of Judgement

A. There is no virtue mentioned in the Hadith with regards to reciting Dua–e-Jameela on the 15th Ramadaan nor is there any virtue recorded in authentic sources for the Dua itself.

The abovementioned du’aa has not been narrated in the form of a du’aa nor have we come across any specific merit or reward mentioned for it in the Ahaadith.

According to the religious scholars, among the signs which indicate that the Hadeeth is fabricated is its inclusion of much reward in return for little work, like the statement that “whoever reads this Du‘aa’ after Fajr, ‘Asr and ‘Ishaa’ will be credited as 300, 100, 1000 times Hajj’s reward.”

Furthermore, it includes some disapproved matters, like the statement that “whoever recites this Du‘aa’ all his missed prayers will be forgiven.” Of course, this encourages the common people to neglect prayer and rely on reciting that Du‘aa’; let alone the fact that it includes supplicating Allaah with words that are impermissible to be attributed to Him, like “O Burhaan! O Sultaan! O Musta‘een! O ‘Ajeeb! O Ma’ruf!”

This is deviation in the names of Allah The Almighty, and Allah threatened to punish those who practice deviation in His Names, Saying (what means): {And to Allaah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them. And leave [the company of] those who practice deviation concerning His names. They will be recompensed for what they have been doing.} [Quran 7:180]

A person should rather engage in Duas that are recorded in the Hadith. Recommended compilations of these are Munajaat Maqbool (The Accepted Whispers) and al-Hizbul Aa’zam.

In the same way, Du’a “Ganj-ul-arsh” is a fabrication.

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Dua jameela or du'a-e-jameelah that is supposed to be read in ramadhan or ramazan on the 15th
Dua jameela or du’a-e-jameelah that is supposed to be read in ramadhan on the 15th

9 thoughts on ““Dua Jameelah” on 15 Ramadhan

  1. Thank you so much for the dua jameela and the dua ganjul arsh I was looking for the second one for some time,
    may Allah bring you to the straight path from this effort with opposite intentions ( like the guy who was teasing Musa alai hi wasallam).

  2. SubhanAllah have been looking for something to post on my islamic grps as this msg is doing its rounds. Jazakallah

  3. ALHAMDULILLAH. May Allah make it easy for the ummah to accept the truth and reject falsehood. May Allah have mercy on us all. JazakAllah.

  4. With all due respect, you should have read correctly, this Dua does not discourage you from Salaah, infact it’s taking a believer closer to Salaah as it mentions the virtues and benefits of reciting this Dua after every Salaah.

    1. Assalamu ‘alaykum, the du’a may not actively discourage people from salah but its gigantic fake rewards might make people think past missed prayers for example are definitely forgiven.
      A believer can be closer to salah if he read the masnoon adhkar which have authentically narrated rewards.

      The point is this du’a is not from the sunnah, and addresses Allah with strange and impermissible terms like “o ajeeb…”. So much emphasis for a non-issue.

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