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“Qaza e Umr” : a special prayer worth 700 years ‽


This following story is narrated amongst Indo-Pak people in order to ‘shortcut’ the making-up of previously missed prayers :

Hazrat Amir-ul-Mo’mineeen (A.S.) said that any person who has accumulated a lot of qazaa namaaz (missed a lot of salaats) and does not have the strength to offer them should offer Namaaz-e-Qazaa-e-Umr.

This namaaz is the kaffara to cover 700 years of qazaa namaaz. One person asked Wali-Ullah “but the people of the ummat of Nabi live only 70-100 years at the most?” Hazrat Ali (A.S.) replied that the namaaz-e-kaffara covers your whole life’s qazaa namaaz, your parents, your grand parents, your great grand parents and others going back up to 700 years qazaa namaaz.
When to pray:
On the last Friday of the month of Ramadhan before sunset.

How to pray:
It’s a 4 rakaat namaaz with one salaam. In every rakaat recite
sura-e-fateha (Alhamd) once; followed by Sura-e-Ahad  (Qulahwallah) 25 times; followed by Ayatul-kudsi once and followed by Sura-e-Kauthar 15 times.
The Holy Qur’an says: “If someone trusts Allah, he will suffice him.
He will surely bring about what he decrees. Allah has set measure for everything”. (Surah Al-Talaq, 65:3)

This is clearly a fabrication, no source is ever given and it is not mentioned in any of the recognized books of Hadith. This is rather a lie on Sayyiduna ‘Ali (Alayhis salâm) from the shia shayateen, since it is well known that there can be no nawafil (optional) prayer before sunset since sun sets between sheytan’s horns.

If you unfortunately missed many prayers, the only solution is to make up those prayers, on top of sincerely repenting to Allah.

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

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4 thoughts on ““Qaza e Umr” : a special prayer worth 700 years ‽

  1. Mr. Abdullah u r a liar
    This namaaz doesn’t cover all qaza
    This is atonement just kaffara for qaza
    A muslims must pray his qaza as per rule of qaza so dont lie on shias we have authentic sources for it

    1. Hello Mr Javed hope you did great this Ramadan. Yes this prayer does not cover all passed missed prayers, we agree and that’s a great point.
      As for the source all the ulama mentioned never found any source to it and to be frank classical shi’i scholars aren’t known for rejecting baseless narrations upon which their deen is established.

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