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“Hirz of Abu Dujana” to be protected from jinns ?

  •  Status : FABRICATED

Here is the report copy-pasted :

Abu Dujana said, “I was lying down, when I heard a noise like the noise of a mill or that of the leaves of a tree and saw a flash like lightning. I raised my head to see something black that was rising in the middle of the room. I felt it with my hand. It was like a porcupine’s skin. It began to throw things like sparks at my face. At once I went to Rasulullah and told him what had happened. He said, ‘O Aba Dujana! May Allah give your home goodness and abundance!’ He asked for a pen and a piece of paper. He had Ali ‘radiAllahu anh’ write a letter. I took the letter to my home. I put it under my head and went to sleep. A yelling voice woke me up. It said, ‘O Aba Dujana! You have burned me with that letter. Your owner is certainly much higher than we are. There is no way of escape for us, except that you remove that letter. We shall no longer come to your home or your neighbors.’ We cannot go to places where the letter is.’ I told him that I could not remove the letter without getting my owner’s permission. The night seemed very long to me because of the crying and wailing of genies. After performing the morning prayer in the mosque, I told Rasulullah what the genie had said. Rasulullah ‘sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam’ said, ‘Remove the letter. Or else they will suffer the letter’s pain till the Resurrection.'”

hirz of abu-dujana also known as tehdid nama supposedly to counter jinns

It is a forgery according to :

Al-Dhahabî who said “The amulet of Abu Dujanah is not authentic and I do not know who fabricated it.” (see Mîzân al-I’tidâl) and (Al-Siyar, 1/245)

Ibn al-Jawzi ““Without doubt, this is a fabrication and its chain of transmitters is broken… there is no biographical information available with regards to many of its narrators”” (Al-Mawdu’ât, 3/169)

Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalânî (Al-Isâba)

Al-Suyuti who said “It is a fabrication and its chain of transmission is broken and most of its transmitters are unknown.” (al-La’âlî al-Masnû’ah, 2/292)

Its Sanad (chain of narrators) is disconnected and most of the narrators are unknown. It was reported by Musa Al-Ansary, and there is no Sahaby that carries this name.

Some may say this letter 100% works so how dare you say it is fabricated ? First of all the aforementioned scholars know more on the science of hadith than you, me or any excorcists whose speciality is not hadith.
Moreover this letter ‘working’ is in no way a proof to establish the authenticity of the report; going by this logic invoking sayyiduna ‘Isa (AS) or sayyiduna ‘Ali (RA) also ‘works’ according to the christians or the shi’as, whereas we know invoking other than Allah is haram and tantamount to shirk akbar.

Lastly, there are effective ways to be protected and be cured from the effect of evil jinns, first and foremost abide by the laws of shari’ah you may be violating (search a little bit within your self and you’ll find out), read Qur’an excessively (particularly some specific verses, look for “ruqyah verses” on Google), read masnoon invocations (Hisn-ul-muslim for example) and do loads of dhikr with devotion. Bi idhnillah nothing can stand to the power of The Creator.

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

Do not hesitate to leave a comment, to spread this post or to let me know of any famous fabricated hadith, Jazakumullâhu khayran.


16 thoughts on ““Hirz of Abu Dujana” to be protected from jinns ?

    1. brother rehan, maybe you forgot that truth when Jebraiel (as) came with a verse and hold Rasul slw and said again n again read, then at last time he spoke read in the name of Allah, Rasul slw read then, and kindly dont use the word illiterate for Rasul slw you should have said something proper word

  1. Can you please post the exact reference? Like page number or volume (jild) etc?

    Or better yet post the exact ibarat/paragraph?


  2. im sorry but i dont think its fake.
    prophet cannot write and read,of course he usually ask his people to write.especially when he is slow at it.
    I knew this because I experience the same thing. in this modern era,they does not use bee sounds and falling sands.they use cars or any other vehicle sounds to wake you up.this only happen when one is asleep in my house.
    you dont experience it so you say its fake.
    i think this is authentic and just because not all of people experience jinns in their life that does not mean the broken narrators auto invalidated. you just like those shallow minded scientist. trying to rationalized everything and change science into double blind system it is now. stop banning everything that doesnt reach the papers and start asking people with experience.

    1. Assalamu ‘alaykum,

      What you experience is certainly authentic, and jinns-associated problems are a reality, I’m not of “those shallow minded scientist” but this specific narration poses problems, you cannot just attribute something to Rasulullah [sallallahu ‘alahi wa sallam] just because you just “think it’s not fake”.
      Hadith science is much more complex than that.

  3. There are two sanads (sources of narration) for this hadeeth, the muhadditheen have classified only one of the sanads as moudhoo i.e. the riwaayat of Imam Dhahabi, Ibn al jawzi and Ibn Hajar al Asqalani. The other sanad which has been quoted by Imam Baihaqi, Imam Suyuti and Arraaq has not been severely criticised by the muhadditheen, Hence, the du`aa in the hadith can be used and from the contents of the Dua its authenticity has been established from other well known ahadith.

    Imam Baihaki narrated the other more sound chain in his book Dalail-un- nubuwwa and Imam Qurtubi in his book Tazkira

    The Prophet (saws) said: “If the enemy attacks you at night, let your war cry be “Ha-Mim”. They will not be helped”. (Abu Dawud)

  4. hello rehan…
    when jibreel(as) asked prophet muhammed pbuh to read …he replied i will not read ( iam not the one who will read from you ).
    if jibreel(as) had understood the first reply of prophet pbuh that he cannot read..then he would not have asked 2ndt time to read …jibreel(as) asking prophet to read 2nd time is the testimony that he can read …but when 3rd time….he said read in the name of allah(swt) then he started reading….

    dont ever tell prophet muhammed (pbuh) is illeterate.

    1. Do u know brother the special thing about previous arabs….memorising is pride for them..every thing they memorise..the people who read and write they use to see down to those people…because u record every thing and we memorise…..example in saudi arabia if u were abaya its honor ..if u wear in usa …u see people will look u down…allah him self call prophet in quran…ummi….

  5. i ALso REad this In the book of Ameer e Ahle Sunnat MUHAMMAD ILYAS qadri ‘Kaume Jinnat Aur Ameer e AHle sunnet’

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