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Surah Al-Insan (Ad-Dahr) not revealed because of ‘Ali’s family (RA)

  • Status: FABRICATED

Here is the entire sequence of the report copy-pasted (random version) :

These verses were revealed after Ali, Fatima, Hassan, and Hussain (A.S.) gave charity to needy people; Zamakhshari states this story in the book Al-Kashaf; it goes as follows: Ibn Abbas said: Once Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain were ill, the Messenger of Allah and a group went to visit them, the visitors suggested to Imam Ali to make a vow to Allah: if He were to relieve them, he would perform some good action. Therefore, Imam Ali together with Fatima and their servant Fedhdhah vowed to Allah that they would fast for three days if He would relieve Hassan and Hussain (A.S.). When Allah had relieved them, Imam Ali (A.S.) borrowed three (3) aswu (a cubic measure) of barley from a Jew known as Shimon. Fatima ground one (1) as’s (singular of aswu) of the barley and baked five loaves of bread for her family’s meal at sunset. As sunset approached, a needy man knocked on the door and said: ‘Assalamu Alaikum, Family of Muhammad. I am a needy man from among the Muslims; feed me, May Allah feed you from the food of Paradise.’ The holy family preferred the needy man over themselves and spent the night with nothing in their stomachs except water. They fasted the second day, and again at sunset, when they were waiting for their food, an orphan asked them for help and they again preferred him over themselves. The third evening a captive (prisoner of war) asked them for help and they repeated their preference for the needy above themselves. The following morning, Imam Ali (A.S.) took Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain to the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) who said the following when he saw them shaking like little chicks from hunger: ‘It displeases us to see you in this condition.’ Then he went with them, for he wanted in see Fatima. When they arrived, Fatima (A.S.) was in the Mehrab (prayer place), and her condition was such that it further displeased the Prophet (S.A.W.). At this time, Gabriel descended and said: ‘Take this chapter Muhammad; Allah surely congratulates you for having this family.’ It is worthy to state that the Good ones mentioned here are Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Hussain; who deserve Paradise because of their act of feeding the needy, the orphan, and the captive. Another, point to keep in mind here, is that despite the detailed description of Paradise given in the verses, Allah, the Exalted, does not mentioned the huris. This understood to be in honor and exaltation of Fatima (S.A.), the wife of Imam Ali, and the mother of Hassan and Hussain (A.S.).

The story in question is classified as fabricated and is documented in many books of ‘Maudu’āt’ (compilations of fabricated ahādīth).

Hereunder are the references :

  • Tadhkiratul Maudu’āt
  • Tanzeehush Sharī’ah (vol. 1, pg. 362)
  • Al La’ālil Masnū’ah (vol. 1, pg, 338)
  • Al Fawā’id Al-Majmū’ah (pg. 376,)
  • Mausū’ātul Ahādīth wal āthār al-da’īfah wal maudu’ah (vol. 9, pg. 93-99)
  • Kitābul Maudu’āt (vol. 1, pg. 390)
  • Lisānul Mizān (vol. 6, pg. 369)
  • Tafsīr Al-Qurtubi (Surāh Al-Insān)

The high ranks of the Ahlul Bayt is not contested, but consider they would not have liked that we lie upon them. More over we can even sense the shi’i extremism in this story so we should be careful from whom we take our religion, right?


Lastly you can get the tafsir of this remarkable surah from various authentic resources like here or here.


2 thoughts on “Surah Al-Insan (Ad-Dahr) not revealed because of ‘Ali’s family (RA)

  1. Slmz, I’m hoping that u would be able to enlighten me on a few queries I have regarding the Shia reasoning behind Surah Insaan being related/ linked to the ‘Ahlul-Bayt’…

    QUERY 1
    The Shia belief is that the “Righteous Doers” mentioned in the beginning of this Surah refer to the “Ahlul Bayt” which in turn they believe categorize/ refer to: Hazrat Ali, Bibi Fathima & their sons… Allah be pleased with them
    *Does the Ahlus-Sunnah agree that “Righteous Doers” in this surah refer to de “Ahlul-bayt”? ………………………..
    *And which individuals fall into this category of ‘Ahlul-bayt’ apart frm Nabi(SAW)’s wives & progeny & son-inlaws?
    *Does Hazrat Abu Bakr(RA) also fall into this category of Ahlul-Bayt?]

    QUERY 2
    According to a shia site, the incident narrated above is said to be a tradition as mentioned in al-Ghadir. I need validity for the claim this site makes as follows:
    “This narration is very similar to numerous other traditions found in other books which have been stated in regards to this event. In al-Ghadir, there are traditions from 34 well-known scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah who have narrated this tradition in their books (the author of al-Ghadir has also mentioned the names of these books and the pages on which this information can be found).”

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