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So called “confessions” of a british spy

Many of you might have come across this story, if you’re not “wahhabi” then you may have just loved it, but behold it is but a forgery. The allusions to British Empire and the “wahhabi” being the eternal enemies make the questions on the authenticity of the book crystal-clear.

But as we are lazy, eager to argue, quick in clashing with fellow muslims (is all of this definition of today’s muslims by the way?), some people will not find the book bad at all.

So why is it forged? This blogger explains it to you briefly:

The following is a useful (abridged) review of Confessions of a British Spy by:

Adnan Malik
Librarian for the South Asian Collections
South/Southeast Asia Library
120 Doe Library
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000

I have reviewed the two e-books you sent me earlier. The first one, Confessions of a British Spy, is an obvious forgery, like the more famous, Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Confessions of a British Spy is too full of anachronisms and inaccuracies to be taken seriously. It seems to be a product of Ottoman/Turkish frustration against Wahhabis.

To start with, Humpher is not an English name. More importantly, the British were not powerful enough in the mid 18th century to engagee in such covert operations. Imperialism really took root in England after the 1820s, and the British Empire really spread and established itself after that. The creators of this document neither have a good grasp of the rise of Wahhabism nor of the history of British imperialism.

So there you are, so what next? Admit your error and go on, there is much more to do within the ummah than just back-biting each other with false arguments! Love each other wa la takhtalifu!

May Allah unite us on the Truth, Amin!


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