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The du’a which saved a Sahabi from a thief


Here is the entire sequence of the report copy-pasted :

It was narrated that Anas ibn Malik (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: There was one of the companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), one of the Ansar, who was known by the kunyah of Abu Mu’allaq. He was a merchant who did trade with his own wealth and on behalf of others, and he used to travel all over, and he was a pious ascetic. He went out on one occasion and was met by an armed thief who said to him: Give me what you have, for I will kill you. He said: You do not need my blood, all you want is the wealth. He said: As for the wealth, it is mine; all I want is your blood. He said: If you insist, then let me pray four rak’ahs. He said: Pray as much as you want. So he did wudoo’, then he prayed four rak’ahs, and among the words that he said in du’a’ in the last prostration were: “O Most Loving, O Most Loving, O Owner of the majestic Throne, O Initiator, O Returner, O You Who do whatever You will, I ask You by the Light of Your Countenance which fills the pillars of Your Throne, and I ask You by Your Power by which You control all of Your creation, and I ask You by Your mercy which encompasses all things, there is no god but You, O Helper help me” – three times.

He said this du’a’ three times, then he saw a horseman who was holding a spear between the ears of his horse, and when the thief saw him, he turned to him and stabbed him and killed him, then he turned to him and said: Get up. He said: Who are you, may my father and mother be sacrificed for you? Allah has helped me by you today. He said: I am an angel from the fourth heaven. When you said your du’a’ the first time, I heard the gates of heaven tremble, then when you said your du’a’ the second time I heard a noise from the people of heaven, then when you said your du’a’ the third time it was said to me: The du’a’ of one who is in distress, and I asked Allah to let me kill him.

The report is not authentic, although there is nothing wrong with the du’aa’; rather the words are sound and good.

But that does not mean that the one who says this du’a’ will necessarily be saved (…). As the isnaad in this case is not saheeh, we should not believe that nor attribute it the the holy Prophet . But if anyone wants to memorize these words and recite them in du’aa’, without regarding them as something that is prescribed in Islam, there is nothing wrong with that inshaAllah.



3 thoughts on “The du’a which saved a Sahabi from a thief

    1. Sure brother there it is :

      يا ودود ! يا ذا العرش المجيد ! يا فعَّال لما يريد ! أسألك بعزك الذي لا يرام ، وملكك الذي لا يضام ، وبنورك الذي ملأ أركان عرشك ، أن تكفيني شرَّ هذا اللص ، يا مغيث أغثني ! ثلاث مرار

      Wassalamu ‘alaykum.

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